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Birth Doula Support

As a birth doula I will accompany you and your chosen birth companion/s through the process of preparing for birth and support you during labour, birth and bonding. This support is emotional, practical and informational and is offered unconditionally and without judgement.

Birth doulas provide support, physically, practically and emotionally, during labour and birth. A birth doula is not a medical professional and so does not replace the role of a midwife or doctor, but works alongside them to support a woman in making informed decisions about her care.

The benefits of having a birth doula include:

  • Shorter labour
  • Less need for induction or augmentation of labour
  • Less need for pain medication or an epidural
  • Less risk of instrumental birth (forceps or ventouse)
  • Less risk of Caesarean birth
  • Increased satisfaction with the overall birth experience

As your birth doula I can:

  • Support you in preparing for labour and birth with comprehensive antenatal sessions tailored to your circumstances and needs
  • Set up your birth environment, either at home or at a birth centre/hospital
  • Keep you calm and relaxed so you can labour at home for as long as possible (if not having a home birth)
  • Make the move from home to hospital (if you are not birthing at home) as easy as possible
  • Advocate for you, especially when you are finding it difficult to understand what questions are being asked and what decisions are being be made
  • Answer questions about issues arising during the birth to enable you to make decisions confidently
  • Work closely with other birth companions to give them confidence in supporting you
  • Remind you of your inherent ability to birth and keep you focused with breathing techniques
  • Help with the little things that make a big difference (drinks, snacks, phone calls, reading a story to other children)
  • Use physical contact for comfort and calm (massage, counter-pressure, birthing positions, a squeeze of your hand, a cuddle)
  • Provide guidance to initiate and establish breastfeeding immediately after birth
  • Tidy up after a homebirth so you can focus thoroughly on your new family
  • Step back so you hardly even know I am there
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Birth Doula Package


This includes:

  • A free initial consultation for you to get to know me and decide if we are the right fit for each other and to establish exactly what you would like from me as your birth doula
  • 2 comprehensive antenatal sessions each lasting around 2 hours
    Support via phone, text or email for the duration of your pregnancy
  • Being on call for you 24 hours a day from 38 weeks until the birth
  • Support during your birth at your chosen birth location
  • A postnatal session to debrief the birth, provide emotional support, discuss baby care, provide feeding support and advise how to maximise parent well-being


*If you require any additional sessions these will be charged at £15 per hour

* Additional mileage will be charged at 45p/mile for distances over 10 miles

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