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Essentials Sessions

Essentials Sessions are PERFECT for you if:
You are in later stages of pregnancy and want the essential information in a short space of time.
You need an alternative to the local antenatal sessions that can no longer take place.
You don't have the investment for full private sessions.
This is a subsequent pregnancy and you just want the Hypnobirthing basics.

Each online essentials session is 90 minutes of practical and informative support that will leave you more confident and knowledgeable about labour and birth. Live via Zoom video link, they are fully interactive so you have the opportunity to ask questions and see demos using some of the resources I use in full Hypnobirthing courses. Whether you opt to do one session or both, you can remain in contact with me to ask questions or just to get that confidence boost you need as you prepare for meeting your baby. 

Each individual session is £35 but if you do both, you save £10! Essentials sessions are not pre-scheduled and are available by request.

Antenatal Essentials
Live 90 minute session via video link

(£60 for both essentials sessions)

I will guide you through the physiology of labour and birth and how you can best prepare your body

  • Hormones, your pelvis and the uterus
  • Stages of labour/birth
  • What to expect
  • Decision making
  • Opportunity to ask questions

Hypnobirthing Essentials
Live 90 minute session via video link

(£60 for both essentials sessions)

Learn a range of  techniques to quieten your mind, allowing your body to do the job it’s designed to do

  • The impact of anxiety and fear
  • Breathing techniques
  • Using visualisations and affirmations
  • Massage 
  • Relaxation and self hypnosis

If you don’t want to take part in any live video link sessions but would instead prefer a fully online antenatal and hypnobirthing course comprising videos, downloads and a resource pack then I can highly recommend the package offered by birth-ed.

I am pleased to be able to offer you a discount code to get 10% off their online course package.

Click on the birth-ed image to sign up

Use the discount code MB10

To discover  how I can support you through pregnancy, birth and beyond …

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