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Our Hypnobirthing antenatal courses are in person in Lancashire or online via Zoom. Own your birth wherever you are based.

Hypnobirthing is birth preparation that allows you to release fear and anxiety in order to have the positive birth that is right for you and your baby.

I offer Hypnobirthing antenatal courses in Lancashire that don’t just cover standard Hypnobirthing techniques. The courses contain practical, emotional and informational support. The content is inspired by my training as a birth and postnatal doula, and rebozo and postnatal massage practitioner.

This is comprehensive and fully independent Hypnobirthing antenatal preparation that focuses on YOU and developing your confidence as the birth approaches. There is a range of classes each designed to cater for your personal circumstances and needs. 


Hypnobirthing antenatal courses in Lancashire


Hypnobirthing is not just for pain free, ‘natural’ birth. It is for all birth.

Do you want to feel prepared for birth and want the confidence to make decisions. Are you looking for techniques that you and those supporting you can use to keep you calm and relaxed. If so, there is a course or session that will work perfectly for you.

The courses I offer are packed with the practical techniques and information that will prepare you and support you whatever path your birth takes.

Hypnobirthing techniques can be used to achieve an empowered and positive birth regardless of previous birthing experiences, whether the birth is spontaneous or induced, for a single baby or multiple babies and for vaginal or Caesarean birth.


Hypnobirthing is birth preparation that involves changing your mindset to one that is based on positivity. It involves releasing fear and anxiety, quietening the mind to enable your body to follow its natural design and function in an optimal way.

Hypnobirthing techniques involve relaxation and self hypnosis; the ‘hypno’ part of Hypnobirthing. As well as this, it includes using the breath in very specific ways, visualisations and positive affirmations to reinforce that positive mindset. 

  • Labours where Hypnobirthing is used tend to be shorter
  • Caesarean section rates tend to be lower and Hypnobirthing can reduce the need for painkillers and drugs
  • Women feel more confident, relaxed, less
 fearful, focused and in control
  • The techniques can be used long after the birth to support breastfeeding, general relaxation or
 staying calm during times of stress
  • Babies born using Hypnobirthing can experience less trauma because they tend to be born with less intervention 
  • The need for episiotomy can be reduced

Hypnobirthing is suitable for anyone who wants to feel confident, empowered, calm and prepared for birth. The techniques are effective for any pregnant person, regardless of if you’ve had a baby before or what your births have been or will be like.

You do not have to have used relaxation, visualisation or self hypnosis techniques before. Hypnobirthing is effective regardless of where you are planning to give birth.

Hypnosis is a way of reaching a highly relaxed state, preparing you to achieve a chosen outcome (in this case a calm and easy birth). Therefore, being ‘hypnotised’ is simply being helped into a state of hypnosis. Unfortunately we usually associate the word ‘hypnotised’ with TV or stage hypnosis meant purely for entertainment.

Hypnosis in Hypnobirthing is where I will give you tools to achieve a state of deep relaxation and focus. This will allow you to release fears and anxieties so you can have a positive birth feeing calm and in control.

The best time to start a Hypnobirthing course is between 20 and 30 weeks but the time you start is a very personal decision. You may prefer to start earlier to have more time to practise the techniques. But equally, you may prefer to start later so the content remains fresh and the birth feels imminent.

My comprehensive Hypnobirthing antenatal courses in Lancashire and surrounding areas can be taken any time from 20 weeks right up until you are due..

The full face to face Hypnobirthing antenatal courses can be taken as private sessions or as a group workshop. Regardless of which you decide to do, you will get 8-10 hours of up to date and evidence based antenatal preparation. Alongside this you will learn fantastic Hypnobirthing techniques plus some added extras such as rebozo skills for pregnancy and birth. 

You and your birth partners will receive an information and resource pack to accompany the course, access to an online resource hub and audio tracks. Finally, I will give you a welcome bag of gorgeous goodies and discount off a postnatal massage. I will be here to support  via email or phone from the point of booking right up until the birth of your baby.  

The Hypnobirthing courses I offer are a complete antenatal preparation comprising all the major elements of pregnancy and birth, including lots of added extras. I have worked with many people who done my courses alongside others such as NCT or NHS sessions. They have all felt even more prepared and say the sessions do compliment each other. In conclusion, no you would not need to do anything in addition, but it wouldn’t be detrimental if you wanted to.

The role of the birth partner is incredibly important and they are integral to what is covered in a course. It is important that they understand what to expect from birth. Moreover, they will learn what practical techniques they can use to support for you. If your birth partner cannot attend sessions just get in touch to discuss the best approach.

The role of the birth partner is incredibly important and they are integral to what is covered in a course. It is important that they understand what to expect from birth and what practical techniques they can use to support for you. If your birth partner cannot attend some or all of the sessions, or you would like to involve a second birth partner, please get in touch to discuss the best approach.

To discover  how I can support you through pregnancy, birth and beyond …

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