A Gentle Journey

Pregnancy Relaxation

Relax your body and quieten your mind.

Every Friday at 7:30pm you can join me for a completely free pregnancy relaxation session.
A brief chat based on a theme with information, hints and tips, followed by a fabulous guided relaxation.

Pregnancy brings with it many very normal sources of anxiety and worry. Now more than ever, pregnant women are also managing additional challenges; caring for older children, career, personal relationships, health conditions, financial pressures, day to day life at home. All of this stress affects our mind and body on many levels and so trying to practice relaxation with regularity is extremely important. 

It is not just about your well being, but that of the baby too.

What will you gain from doing regular relaxation in pregnancy?

  • Better quality of sleep
  • Greater clarity of mind and the ability to think more rationally
  • Reduced muscle tension so less aches and pains
  • A more effective immune system
  • Reduced anxiety 
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Lower levels of stress hormones which can create more nausea and fatigue

What will your baby gain from you doing regular relaxation in pregnancy?

  • A calmer Mummy, so helping them sense that calmness too
  • Less exposure to stress hormones (they pass through the placenta)
  • Less physical tension around them 

How do I get involved?

Find a quiet and comfortable space such as a sofa, bed, chair, or mat on the floor.

Let others know not to disturb you, and put your phone on silent/do not disturb

Wear comfortable clothing and have a blanket to hand as you may get cold during the relaxation

There is no need to book, just show up to my Facebook page on your device and you’ll see me go live

Watch, listen, breathe, relax, sleep

Get in touch if there is anything in particular you would like me to focus on or to let me know how you are and how you find the relaxation. I’d love to hear from you!

To discover  how I can support you through pregnancy, birth and beyond …

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